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KL 4 Life Sciences

High Sensitivity Fluorescent Spectral Imager

The KL4-LF is designed on a multi-sensor platform optimized for an ideal balance of imaging speed, resolution and sensitivity.  With 4 spectrally resolved BSI sCMOS sensors, each 4.2 Megapixels with 6.5um pixels, KL4-LF allows for high frame rates with a USB 3.2 Gen 2 interface.

Features overview:

  • 95% Quantum Efficiency

  • 1.0 e- Read Noise

  • USB 3.2 Gen 2 Interface

  • Temperature stable optomechanics

  • Temperature stable sensor and gain

  • On Chip High Dynamic Range imaging



  • Linear intensity/photon conversion (Photon counting mode)

  • Enables Fluctuation Correlation Spectroscopy, spectrally resolved

  • Enables Image Correlation Spectroscopy, spectrally resolved

  • No compromises for sensitivity and spatial resolution

  • Simplified Detection Modeling for Machine Learning


Technical Specifications:

Sensor:    Gpixel GSENSE2020BSI Scientific CMOS sensor

Spectral Range:   Customizable, 4 spectral bins

Spectral Throughput:    >90% of photons

Frame Size:    2048 x 2048

Pixel Size:    6.5μm x 6.5μm

QE:    >95%

Read Noise:   Correlated  1.0 e- (Median) 1.1e- (RMS)

                          Combined/High Gain  1.6e- (Median) 1.8e- (RMS)

Full-Well Capacity:    45,000e- (Combined Gain)

                                       10,000e- (High Gain)

                                       1,000e- (Correlated)

Dynamic Range:    25,000:1 (Combined Gain)

Bit Depth:     16-bit (Combined Gain)

                         12-bit (Correlated)

                         11-bit (High Gain)

Cooling:    Forced Air

Sensor Temperature:    0°C at 25°C Room Temperature

Sensor Temperature Stability:    Guaranteed over 14 days continuous usage

Dark Current:    1.5e-/pixel/second

Framerate:    43fps, @2048x2048, 16 bit

                         95fps, @2048x2048, 11 bit

                         43fps, @2048x2048, 12 bit Correlated

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